PAX AccoladesMar 25, 2011


We’ve been back from PAX for two weeks now, but positivity still doggedly pursues Skullgirls, like an adorable puppy bounty hunter.

First up is the Best Fighting Game award from BitBag’s Best of PAX East 2011 awards. You can check out the full list of awards here.

Next up is a Best of Show award from Mash Those Buttons’ editor Jason Wersits.

“The engine behind the game is so smartly designed that, if Zaimont can deliver on all that he promises, Skullgirls could very well be the next great fighting game. It’s been such a very long time since any game has sparked such a level of interest in me and I honestly mean it when I call Skullgirls my ‘game of the show’ for PAX East 2011.”

You can read the rest of his impressions here – give them a look!

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