Skullgirls GDC PreviewsMar 16, 2011


Skullgirls made its first official appearance at GDC 2011, with great results.

MikeZ and Richard appeared in a Quick Look EX on Giant Bomb – a big thanks to Brad Shoemaker and the entire GB crew for inviting us down.

And here are some of the previews that resulted from Mike's tireless presentation efforts:


"This adorably animated 2D fighter was actually fun to play for me, and tweaked in just the right ways that I think both the hardest of the hardcore and novice fighters like me can appreciate. "


"An exceptionally promising title that every genre fan should keep an eye on."


"A serious fighting game contender designed by people who are passionate and expertly knowledgeable about what can make a fighting game succeed or fail."


Next up: PAX East attendees get to play the game themselves!

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