Welcome to Reverge Labs!Mar 11, 2011


It's my pleasure to have a full website for Reverge Labs at last, thanks to the amazing efforts of Niles Livingston and Derek Soulliere. We have built this site to act as a home base for all Reverge-related news and information, and I hope you find it useful.

  • The Front page shows the latest traffic from various web feeds about the company and our games, and the newest posts from around the site.
  • On the News page we'll post summaries of all the latest and greatest news, previews, and even reviews.
  • The Games page is where you can see all the posts related to each of our games (ok, all one of them!), and we gather up all your latest comments from major sites alongside them.
  • Head to the Media page where we have galleries full of interesting behind-the-scenes pictures and videos about the company and the games we're making.
  • And of course we've got Blogs for insights, opinions, and random thoughts from the whole Reverge team.

Everything is available via RSS, so if you like your browsing all scientific-like, please click on the orange button and add us to your reader.  

Check it out and enjoy,
-Richard Wyckoff, CEO    

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