Calling All (Fan) Artists!Apr 13, 2011


We really love our fan art community, so we’re trying to make it more accessible to the masses.

Introducing R.A.C.I – The Reverge Art Collection Initiative!

Starting… now, you can send fan art submissions to, but there are a few requirements:

  • Please include the name or handle you’d like us to refer to you by
  • Please send from an e-mail address we can reply to later
  • If you have a gallery online, please include a link to that
  • Whenever possible, please include a link to your art instead of an actual file
  • Please limit submissions to confirmed characters
  • Please keep contributions Safe For Work

Each week we’ll highlight some of our favorites pieces, as we’ve been doing.

We’ve got some plans to do more with our fan art community, but we’re still looking into those… We’ll certainly keep you apprised should anything develop there.

We’re looking forward to your submissions!

Ready? Set… Art!


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