Fan Art FridayApr 15, 2011


Another week has passed, and so begins another Fan Art Friday!

Remember, we’ve issued a “call to arts” and are accepting direct fan art submissions for R.A.C.I. (Reverge Art Collection Initiative) at

Now, to the art!








We really like this ensemble piece by Pixiv’s Eiji.




FindChaos submitted this old-school-style picture of Peacock, who is clearly up to no good.




DigitalRum‘s flat-shaded rendition of Filia is one of the most stylish pieces we’ve seen so far.




Our first piece of 3D fan art was sent to us by Japanese fan Mekory in the last entry’s comments!




Finally, we have another great piece of “official fan art” from another of our excellent clean-up artists, Roald.


And that’s it for this week’s installment of Fan Art Friday! Keep up the great work, everyone!


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  1. ROB says:

    All these are great work.

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