Fan Art Friday / ファンアートの金曜日!May 6, 2011


To celebrate the launch of our @SkullgirlsJP Twitter account, all of this week’s Fan Art comes from Japan!

Remember, you can always submit your own fan art to!







Dakfan drew Filia next to a graffiti-inspired take on the Skullgirls logo.

This excellent rendition of Cerebella and Vice-Versa is by Romu-sen.


Surprisingly, Warimaru‘s Pixiv account is full of fan art of American cartoons, so it makes sense they’d choose to draw Peacock!


This sleek portrait of Parasoul by Bo-on really caught our eye.


So far Cerebella seems to be the most popular character in Japan, so we’re also running this great piece by EITO.

5 Responses to “Fan Art Friday / ファンアートの金曜日!”

  1. Carlos says:

    We need more art for the new characters!

  2. A Bad Idea says:

    What! Parasoul fanart! I thought Fanart Friday didn’t accept non-announced characters!

    I will draw a Parasoul picture right now! >: I

  3. noembelu says:

    i would love to submit a piece, i just hope i don’t disappoint

  4. ROB says:

    “This sleek portrait of Parasoul by Bo-on really caught our eye.”

    Same here.

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