Mammon Machine Meeting Mike ZMay 16, 2011



Andrew Vanden Bossche, a freelance game writer, did an interview with Mike Z at GDC for Gamasutra that was later supplanted by another. So rather than throw it away, he’s posted it on his blog, Mammon Machine.

The interview focuses on fighting game system design, and is ridiculously long and detailed… and this is just Part 1!

MM: That’s a good point. Why do fighting games tend to be so obtuse to beginners?

MZ: Most of the stuff that you need to learn to be good at a fighting game is not attacking, which is what beginning players always want to do.


Let’s hope his offspring aren’t swallowed by a hole in plot and time for extracting so much power from Mike!


You can read the full interview here, and we’ll let you know when the rest of it is posted.

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