Whiteboard Wednesday!May 25, 2011


It’s hump-day, and we’re here with an another mid-week art fix to help you get through it.


Witchblade's Masane


Masane Amaha from the Witchblade anime.

Witchblade’s character designer, Uno Makoto, drew some Filia fan art for us last week, but, alas, right now the art team only has time for a whiteboard response.




Oban Star Racers!


Xenogears' Elly and Fei


Ninja Nurse!


Parasoul Badguy


Cerebella and Filia


Shadow of the Colossus


Tenchu's Ayame


Profusion of Randomness


More Doodles...


Filia's Quotables


Poor Alex...



11 Responses to “Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. MChibi says:

    1. More Valentine <3!~

    2. Someone likes Resurrection Princess?

    3. You guys should draw the 'current' cast playing strip poker (FOR ARTISTIC REASONS).


  2. Lucky says:

    I’d like to see one of Bloody Marie threatening to destroy the world because she thinks the art is making the Whiteboard dirty.

  3. Kohyunu says:

    Exciting stuff!

  4. Shenaniganza says:

    Hey, Molly from Oban Star Racers!

    There, I’ve made my contribution to the comments. MY WORK HERE IS DONE.

  5. noembelu says:

    parasol badguy

    that’s justice, that’s a win

  6. requiem says:

    paraSOL Badguy.. nice….

  7. ROB says:

    Phoenix Wright!^^

  8. Fychan says:

    I’m sad that someone commented about Molly before me.

    But hey, it’s always great to see more Oban Star Racer fans!! And I gotta say this week’s whiteboard is the awesomest one so far.

  9. MAXrobo says:

    I see you RAcaseal! you and your adorable red box of wonders cant escape my sight! nice to see some PSO love

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