Animating… The Skullgirls Way!Jun 3, 2011


Our ever-supportive publisher, Autumn Games, has produced a short and very slick documentary detailing the animation process we use to make our stellar, 100% hand-drawn 2D animation.

In just two minutes, you can see how a character is made from conception all the way to the final product…. something that takes our artists between 2000 and 3000 man-hours of finger-breaking labor.

That’s a savings of up to 99.998889%!


The video is really well-shot and put-together, so I highly recommend watching it in high resolution.




6 Responses to “Animating… The Skullgirls Way!”

  1. DarKaoZ says:

    My respects to you guys. Been following your game since you first announce it long time ago. Can’t believe it will finally come out and it looks amazing!

    I wish the game was released in Disc form, I love to have a boxart of the game and a Disc to take anywhere with me!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Proco says:

    “In-engine pallet editor”, eh? No chance that’d be extended to an in-game editor too, is there? Being able to mix and match colours in stuff like GGXX#R and BB is pretty cool.

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  4. Gilbert says:

    In the video you say “Thanks to the shading layer, the number of colors the artist needs to tune is greatly reduced.”

    Is this shading layer hand-drawn, or is it rendered programmatically using some sort of cell shader?

    Awesome art style, by the way. I’m loving it :D

  5. ROB says:

    You guys have awesome talent, seriously.^^

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