Diet Whiteboard Wednesday!Jun 1, 2011


The artists are hard at work readying the game for E3 next week, so there has been a noticeable dearth of new whiteboard art. However, we’ve compensated by opening the vault on our Paintchat doodle archive.


When brainstorming new moves, the artists collaborate online using Paintchat. Frequently during discussions people will start doodling things on the side, from the awesome to the ridiculous. It’s basically a digital whiteboard, so we’re going to start sharing some pieces from there, too!



Cerebella and Peacock





Valkyria Chronicles


Parasoul Calibur


Cave Story




Parasoul vs. Valentine



2 Responses to “Diet Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. muge says:

    I am squinting and is that a cat-erpillar

  2. ROB says:

    *Looks at Carl and Snoppy*


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