Fan Art Friday!Jun 17, 2011


Capping off the first full week after a truly excellent E3, we’ve got the first Fan Art Friday in a little while.


Remember, you can always submit your own fan art to for possible inclusion in future entries!









This cute sketch by Ashwara shows Filia and Samson jamming on ukelele and harmonica.



Cerebella and Vice-Versa show some muscle in this painting by M-Han.



Now that Peacock has been revealed, we’re seeing a lot of great new fan art of her, like this piece by Patj15!



This picture of our newly-teased character arrived from A-Bad-Idea in the Fanart e-mail address!



5 Responses to “Fan Art Friday!”

  1. A Bad Idea says:

    My drawing made it! Thanks Reverge! =D

    You’ll have to forgive me for taking creative liberties with her, erm, weapon. I don’t really know what that thing can do (nor should anyone at this point in time!).

  2. Patrick says:

    thanks for featuring my illustration! I can’t wait to see more of Skullgirls.

  3. M-Han says:

    Thank you for adding me in this week’s feature, Reverge. It’s quite an honor.

    Good luck on the Skullgirls project.

  4. Carlos says:

    I wanna see some of the other players get fan art!

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