Fresh Scent Whiteboard Wednesday!Jun 15, 2011


With E3 out of the way, we can finally return to our normal update routine.

As you may have noticed from previous Whiteboard Wednesdays, our artists are big fans of Vanillaware‘s games. Naturally, Ignition‘s announcement of Dragon’s Crown inspired this week’s idle doodlings, which we’ve interspersed with some more Paintchat doodles.


Dragon's Crown: Elf


Space Parasoul



Dragon's Crown: Amazon



Samus Strikes



Dragon's Crown: Sorceress






Parasoul, Puppies, and No!



Parasoul Rising 2

7 Responses to “Fresh Scent Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. r says:

    only i will get to play sorceress

  2. Sairus says:

    That last image is the best thing.

  3. Jet Set Dizzy says:

    The dead Rising 2 one is amazing.

  4. Juan says:

    Is image 2 a Gurren Lagann Reference?

  5. RickyBryantJr says:

    Looks like someones played Dead Rising 2 on the bottom pic :P

  6. MChibi says:

    Hipster Parasoul is so….


  7. ROB says:

    Dead Rising 2 one at the bottom is funny.

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