Memories of Game Night 5Jun 27, 2011



Last Saturday, Giant Robot in Los Angeles hosted Game Night 5 / Skull Night 1, and a good time was had by all.

Not only was it fun in an absolute sense, it was unquestionably the most fun one can have across the street from a Saudi government building.


Of course we took some pictures of the event.


Getting Started with Skullgirls



Skulls of the Shogun



Through the Looking Glass



Skullgirls on the Big Screen



The View from the Saudi Embassy



Meeting Reverge Labs



Side by Side, Skulls In Hand



More Skullgirls



Scary Baby Loves Skulls of the Shogun!



There are more pictures of the Skull-fightin’, takoyaki-eatin’, shirt-buyin’ event on Giant Robot’s site, here.



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