Memories of ReveLAtions…Jun 13, 2011



ReveLAtions is over, and Skullgirls had an excellent and enthusiastic showing. Our two stations were being played for pretty much the entirety of the tournament, which was roughly 46 hours.
We’ll always have these pictures to remind us of these great times, not to mention the nerd flu I picked up there.



Pre-Tourney Scene


Playin' Skullgirls



Still Playin' Skullgirls



Yet More Skullgirls



Skullgirls: Kids Love It!



Real Soviet Streetwear



More Play



Nice Tats, Man...



Mike and... Peacock?






Sparse Crowd at 1:00 AM



Keits and GDLK Scrub



Level|Up Mission Control






Stream Setup



Skisonic and MikeZ



More Demoing


More Demoing



Answering Questions



Hitbox Test!



More Demoing



Demoing for Satoshi



DacidBro vs. Tatsu



Satoshi and Mike Z




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