Skullgirls Custom Sticks!Jun 6, 2011


Skullgirls Custom Sticks


As you may have seen or heard in reporting from the Konami pre-E3 event, the Skullgirls kiosks in San Francisco and Los Angeles featured custom Skullgirls arcade sticks for maximum enjoyment.

These great sticks were made for us by Arcade-in-a-Box, and will be on display at E3 and at all locations on the Skullgirls Summer Preview Tour.


Skullgirls Custom Stick: Filia


Skullgirls Custom Stick: Cerebella



Skullgirls Custom Stick: Peacock


Skullgirls Custom Stick: The Whole Gang




9 Responses to “Skullgirls Custom Sticks!”

  1. Andy says:

    Will these Arcade Sticks be available for a special Collector’s Edition of the game or something else? Thanks and can’t wait to play the game some more

  2. Mason says:

    will you put out the art so we can make are own?

  3. Diggity Doogles says:

    Hoo boy these things are the business.

  4. mark says:

    you sold put these sticks on sale, i want to pay one

  5. Tim Static says:

    It doesn’t get any better than AIAB. Congrats Ed.

  6. ComicR. says:

    I would pay through the nose for one of those.

  7. Ed Farias says:

    Just waiting for confirmation on if we can have artwork license to sell sticks with the skull girls artwork on it.

  8. ROB says:

    Wow! Now there is 4 arcade sticks here that I want to add to my arcade sticks collection.

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