Synergy Evangelization Whiteboard Wednesday!Jun 29, 2011


Coming off two more great public showings, Giant Robot and East Coast Throwdown, this week’s whiteboard is once again filled with the sublime and insane in equal measure.












Dragon's Crown's Sorceress






Halloween Trio



Disgaea 3's Salvatore



Odin Sphere, Boys' Love Style






Chibi Dragon's Crown and Demon's Souls






6 Responses to “Synergy Evangelization Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. MChibi says:

    I see some woof art in there~

    Also I’d like a Parasoul parasol for rainy days!

  2. Non says:

    Are Eric Muentes and Jason Robinson affiliated with you guys, or just friends?

  3. ROB says:

    lol at the bottom one.^^

  4. ROB says:

    Ahh, the witch from the upcoming Dragon’s Crown, awesome;)

  5. Mono says:

    luv the fillia bayonetta joke was funny

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