Whiteboard Wednesday 2000Jun 22, 2011


It’s time for another installment of Whiteboard Wednesday!


We got a lot of traffic from last week’s Dragon’s Crown art, which inspired another picture of that game’s Amazon, as well as the Thief from its spiritual forebear, Shadows of Mystara.


Of course, we’ve also got more Paintchat awesome- and/or weird-ness.






Dragon's Crown: Amazon


Phoenix Wright: Ace Poker



Mystaran Thief



Taco Cat!



Alex's Halloween Character



Fatty Likes Her Cake









12 Responses to “Whiteboard Wednesday 2000”

  1. Scott says:

    What the hell is a meat muffin??

  2. RickyBryantJr says:

    Venus is gonna be a “problem” isn’t she?

  3. I could not stop laughing at this pic. also Miles looks to be packing heat. just saying

  4. Che says:

    Lilith doesn’t seem to realize how many people would die for a slice of Morrigan’s cake.

  5. Robbie B says:

    Jojo x Phoenix Wright is made of insane amounts of win. I can see the ora ora ora oras flying everywhere across the panel.

  6. GREENGUY says:


  7. MChibi says:

    I wanna drive a Leona Icar~

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  9. ROB says:

    The Lilith one and the Jojo X Ace Attorney one are my favs.

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