Anime Expo News Round-UpJul 7, 2011



Being an art-centric event, it makes sense that all the Skullgirls coverage coming out of Anime Expo would be Alex-centric. We’ve got three new interviews with Skullgirls‘ creative director, Alex Ahad, on GameZone, Destructoid and the LA Weekly!


First up is GameZone’s video interview:


Destructoid’s interview focuses on Alex’s inspirations for Skullgirls.

“These are characters that I had designed over time. I always enjoyed designing dark, cute, kind of morbid monster-girl type designs. It’s something that I’ve been doing for fun ever since [my] high school and college days. I ended up piling up a few of them [characters] and thinking of a hypothetical, “oh this would be cool!” fighting game, but I didn’t have an engine at that time. It was just art.”

You can read the entire interview here!


LA Weekly’s interview is… well, pretty much about the same sort of stuff.

“Before, the style was a lot rougher because I was not actually expecting Skullgirls to pick up as a real thing.I was just doing it on the side for fun,” he says. “Then, when it started getting picked up for real, I had to redo a lot of the art and refine it.”

That full interview can be read here.


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  1. James Bishop says:

    This is so filled with hype it makes me want to give my monies. As for the roster their is going to be eight characters and some dlc’s too, but this leaves one worry for me. I played some MK9 online and I noticed that alot of people I can’t play against because other people don’t have the download. If you were going with the whole dlc bit I would believe that the characters would have to be installed in with the up date. That way you won’t have that error online. Also please could you guys have some way not to just have a trailer for the dlc characters, but some way to have a trial mode for the dlc’s before you buy them on training mode. I was on blaz blue and bought some of the dlc charicters and the only one I ended up liking was Valcenhymn the others seemed like a waist. This was all that I thought you guys really needed and that’s still a far way down the road, I hoped this helped.


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