Fan Art Friday!Jul 8, 2011


After a relaxing holiday weekend and a hectic week, we’re ready to scour the internet for new fan art and share some of our findings with you.


Today’s art covers a pretty wide range, including an excellent 3D rendering of Filia!


Rememeber, you can always submit your own fan art to us directly at!








We were really impressed by how well Pyroxene was able to capture Alex’s style in 3D.


Cerebella Fan Art

Everyone liked this… pendulous Cerebella fan art from Pixiv user Ganbaransu!


Blogger and NeoGAF user Black-Wind submitted this Tex Avery-esque portrait of Parasoul.


This frightening painting of… someone by MissDynamic really captures what’s-her-name’s savage nature.


7 Responses to “Fan Art Friday!”

  1. muge says:

    The last one is a mystery indeed

  2. Diggity Doogles says:

    Hey now, what’s that last one doing there? It obviously has no relation to Skullgirls in any way whatsoever!

  3. Frank S. Casillas says:

    Hehe, that Cerebella fanart is almost too sexy.

  4. moises says:

    the last one is painwheel

  5. Sojoro says:

    If they’re starting to put fanart of the “last one”, then I assume she’s going to be revealed as the next character after parasoul.

  6. othello says:

    What’s really scary about the last one is that it reminds me of one of my ex’s after she wakes up in the morning after a full moon.

  7. ROB says:

    *looks at bottom fan art* Uh oh, looks like someone took a look at the Skullgirls wikia, thats my guess at least.

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