Fan Art Friday… The 13th!Jul 15, 2011


As those of us in Los Angeles brace for the approaching “carmageddon,” we deliver another batch of hand-selected fan art.


This is the thirteenth installment of Fan Art Friday, and so far we’ve been able to keep posting new art. With the exception of a few pieces of “official” fan art from our army of contractors, every piece of fan art has been from a new and unique individual. Everyone at Reverge Labs is extremely gratified to have such a large and talented fanbase creating art based on our characters!


Interested in joining the ranks of that large, talented and unique fanbase? Submit your own art to to see if you’ll be selected for a future installment!





A rare and excellently-illustrated ensemble piece by Jason92.



This blushing portrait of Filia by Pixiv’s Yakiniku Tarou is pretty cute.



This snappy piece by UnreliableTentacle┬ácaptures Peacock’s cuteness and mischievous nature.



TOUSEI drew this great picture of what’s-her-face nearly four years ago, and is finally getting some long-overdue recognition for it!



Finally, we have another piece of “official fan art” from clean-up contractor Shoji-Ikari showing Peacock’s thoughtful side.



3 Responses to “Fan Art Friday… The 13th!”

  1. Vinal says:

    Peacock is so cute!

  2. Frank S. Casillas says:

    Tarou’s Filia is CLEAN!

  3. ROB says:

    I like Shoji-Ikari’s Peacock fan art.

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