Memories of Anime Expo 2011Jul 5, 2011



Another weekend, another public showing.

Skullgirls had a great showing at Anime Expo, with constant play and even two Filia cosplayers! Some lucky fans even got character sketches drawn by Skullgirls’ creative director, Alex Ahad.


LA Weekly‘s Liz Ohanesian also posted a great interview with Alex.

“Before, the style was a lot rougher because I was not actually expecting Skullgirls to pick up as a real thing.I was just doing it on the side for fun,” he says. “Then, when it started getting picked up for real, I had to redo a lot of the art and refine it.”

Read the entire interview here.


Check out the photos, read the interview, and let us know if you played the game at Anime Expo!


Filia Cosplay!



The View From Behind



Meeting Her Maker



"That's Me!"



Our Kiosks



Constantly Packed



Alex Draws



Alex Draws For a Fan



Peacock Sketch For a Fan



A Wild Crowd Appears!



Alex Draws For A Fan Pt. 2



Filia Sketch For A Fan



Alex Draws For a Fan Pt. 3



Parasoul Sketch For a Fan



Alex Doodles



More People Line Up



Players Line Up Early



"I look great in this!"



Filia Cosplayer #2



6 Responses to “Memories of Anime Expo 2011”

  1. Jonathan P. says:

    Commenting here simply because I was blown away from how stellar the game looks compared to watching it on stream and whatnot. Alex may remember me as me and another person had a conversation with him on day 3 of the expo, along with the Reverge Labs rep ( sorry I forgot your name :< ) and maybe even Mike. Hope all of you guys had a good time there, and I wish you the best of luck with your game!

  2. SpaceGhost2K says:

    I put a short article up at I’m sorry I didn’t get any actual hands-on with the game at AX. The video on the Media Assets kit with the details on animation is astounding. As a fan of animation, I was drooling.

  3. I can’t wait till this game is out, I totally enjoyed the talk we had with the lead animator and the program lead. They were so informative. I was there for day two and day three, with the muscle shirt. I really think the animation lead is a wonderful artist with an awesome style. I am currently finishing up my game program and I can’t wait to work on a game myself. Thank you for bringing me new inspiration to continuing off my path to this industry as a special thanks to the wonderful team that work hard creating the programming and the art, along with the music.

  4. TaoFTW says:

    Words can’t describe how grateful I am for this game.

    I stayed at the SG booth day in to day out and stayed after the dealer halls closed. You guys gave me every reason to rejoin the Fighting Game community. Thanks for letting me stay on the setups and I look forward to seeing you all in the near future.

  5. RickyBryantJr says:

    The Filia cosplayers are awesome of course, but my favorite pic here is the Ragna and Jin from BlazBlue just gazing at the game.

    As if to say “This game is awesome, but dude…s…should we be here?”

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