Pampered Hands Whiteboard Wednesday!Jul 27, 2011


It’s been a week since our most popular, nerd rage-channeling Whiteboard Wednesday ever… So, naturally, this week’s will probably come as a bit of a disappointment.
In an attempt to compensate, we’ve spiced things up a bit with new Paintchat art.














Hatsune Miku






Gwendolyn and Velvet



Alex's Drill Toes



Parasoul Vs. Peacock






Black Gold Saw



7 Responses to “Pampered Hands Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. alda says:

    Love the Parasoul vs Peacock piece. Can’t wait to see Parasoul in action at Evo

  2. evilben says:

    awesome!!! thanks for including the cactuar katamari from last week, you guys are the best!!!

  3. MChibi says:

    Jesus I could just take a bite out of Velvet in that picture.

    Gard dayum~

  4. A-Log says:

    Great job with Peacock against Parasoul. I could see Peacock saying, “Step back, goilie! One more step or your goon becomes dinner for Avery!”

  5. DaRabidDuckie says:

    Miku always makes me happy. Always.

    (fun fact: I’ve also got a Tao-Luka sitting above my desk. She says hi.)

  6. Gaia says:

    Girl with the hat and knuckle guns: Possible main character for another game, or another skullgirl? Possibilities are endless for this one. :D

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