Skullgirls At EVO 2011!Jul 26, 2011



EVO 2011 is rapidly approaching, and Skullgirls will be in full force!


Come play the game and talk shop with Reverge Labs developers, see Mike Z’s panel and participate in the new side-tournament!


The inimitable Mike Z will be holding his panel on Skullgirls at 12:00 PM on Friday. Be sure not to miss it!

Skullgirls: New Age of Heroines

Tired of comeback mechanics, infinite combos and input shortcuts? Worried fighting games are headed in the wrong direction?

Join project lead Mike “Patron Saint of Combo Videos” Z as he explains why Skullgirls’ innovative ideas are a true refinement to the genre, introduces newcomer Parasoul, answers your questions, and… maybe more!


And finally, the Skullgirls side-tournament is tentatively scheduled for 5:00 PM on Saturday.

Sign up at the Skullgirls table by Saturday at 3:00 PM and be on time – no-shows will be immediately disqualified.


Competing in an unreleased game will be fun enough, but we’re raising the stakes with prizes!

Second and third place will be sent a Skullgirls T-shirt after the show, and the grand prize winner will receive…



…This one-of-a-kind custom Skullgirls arcade stick by Arcade-in-a-Box! It’s compatible with both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

This will be the only stick made with this art… ever, so don’t miss your chance to win it!


Looking forward to seeing you there!

6 Responses to “Skullgirls At EVO 2011!”

  1. Cheesus says:

    That stick looks so slick. Wish I could go to evo.

  2. Geri Kuso says:

    do i need to have registered for evo to participate in the side tourney? im only spectating but i’m interested in this.

  3. Ichipoo says:

    I’ll just wait for the eventual news of mass produced Skullgirls sticks. :)

  4. [...] la dernière build de Skullgirls qui contiendra Parasoul et tiendront un tournoi avec pour lot un de leurs sticks arcade fabriqués à l’occasion de [...]

  5. Verdant Brave says:

    Will this event be streamed? If so, where can I watch?

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