Whiteboard Wednesday From Concentrate!Jul 13, 2011


It’s time once again for Whiteboard Wednesday!


We’ve got an abundance of proper whiteboard art this week, so we’re going to lay off the Paintchat.


Additionally, we’d like to introduce two new characters, Juju and Eugene. These character concepts came courtesy of fans on our Facebook page, so… go Like us, and maybe we’ll draw something for you in a future installment.


A lot of this week’s art comes from friend and on-again-off-again Skullgirls contractor, Jacky.







New Character: Juju



New Character Eugene: Mariel's Rendition



New Character Eugene: Jon's Rendition



Tactics Ogre's Alphonse



Alex Ahad: Jacky's Rendition



Aqua-nyat's Nya-liday!



Witch and Airplane?



Slime Morimori!



8 Responses to “Whiteboard Wednesday From Concentrate!”

  1. Diggity Doogles says:

    Fan-Inspired characters, eh? Those can’t be going in the game, can they? lol

  2. Cheesus says:

    Dat Menma-Kirby team. Too powerful.

  3. Cee mcneil says:

    You never know what character concept will show in the game.how da freak do you know if any of these characters won’t show up in it?do you work for the company?u mad?lol

  4. Cee mcneil says:

    Nvm lmao

  5. Paulo Nim says:

    There will be animations of characters that know each other after battle. ‘Cause it’s thrilling when two characters that know each other (Mai and Andy in King of Fighters, Kyo and Iori, Sol and Ky in Guilty Gear, Ryu and Ken). do this. I think is a great part of the personality of the fighters.

    So… there will be??

  6. othello says:

    Wow…can’t wait to see theses up close and personal…I kinda got my eye on that babe with the bi-plane set up though.

  7. ROB says:

    The…thing with the hat at second bottom pic creeps me out a little bit, heh.

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