Citrus Blast Whiteboard Wednesday!Aug 24, 2011


I swear…


Every week, I complain that the orange marker is hard to erase and doesn’t show particularly well on camera. I go away for a week, and what do I return to? An entirely orange whiteboard.


They’re rebels, I tell you. Wild, untamable rebel artists.










Sleeping Cat

R. Mika vs. Reiko!


Velvet and Cornelius...


9 Responses to “Citrus Blast Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. Verdant Brave says:

    You dudes seem to just love your whiteboard. Have you guys heard of IdeaPaint?

  2. 00000000 says:

    ROFL @ Rolling staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart!

    Also <333 R.Mika!

  3. Frank S. Casillas says:

    R.Mika = respect +1

  4. MESeele says:

    @Verdant Brave: From the texture of the surface, it looks like they are in fact using whiteboard paint. That and they mentioned as much in one of the blog posts ;)

    First time posting over here… Just wanted to say I love the sketches, especially Velvet!

    Love the blog btw. It’s great seeing a bit of insight into the studio workings. Read it all, the fave’s being the Character Design and Artistic Origins posts :D

  5. Pants says:

    Shanoa from Castlevania; order of ecclesia!
    So glad you guys drew her c:

  6. Robert says:

    Thumbs up for R.Mika.^^

  7. Tekkactus says:

    @Verdant IIRC “the whiteboard” IS ideapaint.

  8. joestar says:

    you stole my doorknob girl trend

    please stay off my territory it must remain hipster

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