EVO 2011: Complete Panel Footage!Aug 1, 2011



Between the panel, the side tournament and the generally overflowing enthusiasm for the game, Skullgirls had a great showing at EVO 2011.

We’ll have pictures as soon as the camera and its operator return from Vegas, but in the mean-time you can view Mike Z’s entire panel, Skullgirls: New Age of Heroines, right here.
The panel lasts a full 70 minutes or so, divided into 7 10-minute chunks for enhanced digestability.

















5 Responses to “EVO 2011: Complete Panel Footage!”

  1. kouotsu says:

    Hope to see some direct feed of Parasoul in action soon!

  2. A Bad Idea says:

    Parasoul’s walk cycle is disquietingly sexy. Would Alex think weirdly of me if I stated that I want Parasoul to be my wife? =X

  3. Masodx says:

    Very interesting stuff from mike.z
    I have a question , i dunno if this will be heard . Im wondering if parasol some kind of bubble bomb she can throw have different colours for each players ? Maybe it’s because of the projection , but they seem to have the same colour … this can be confusing for a ditto match :/

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