EVO 2011: Memories OfAug 3, 2011


We end our EVO 2011 coverage with a look back on the event in pictures.

Video is nice and all, but not sentimental like pictures, you know? And if fighting game players are known for anything, it’s how sentimental they are.


Goodbye, EVO 2011… we had a great time! We look forward to seeing you again at EVO 2012, this time with a finished game!



Skullgirls booth at Evo



What now, big shot?






Running sets



Like Mike



You're getting better



Run it back



What an answer



Friday Crowd



Evobolic Time Chamber



Salty Seconds



Garbage Day



My game, let me show you it






Saturday Crowd



The hype machine



Tournament Hype



Sit down, man



Alex doing what he does best



To the victor go the spoils



Mike Z takes on the tournament champ



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