EVO 2011: Skullgirls Side Tournament Finals!Aug 2, 2011



Continuing our EVO 2011 coverage, we bring you the final rounds of the Skullgirls side tournament.

There are four videos in all: two semifinal rounds, one tie-breaker and the grand finals.


Semifinals 1: Super Cat Drugs vs. Copper Dabbit




Rob S. vs. Jayford



Super Cat Drugs vs. Rob S.



Copper Dabbit vs. Jayford



10 Responses to “EVO 2011: Skullgirls Side Tournament Finals!”

  1. Raymond says:

    Yea i am going to practices the hell out this game when i get my hands on it.

  2. Vinyl says:

    How many people signed up for the tournament

  3. Jay says:

    this is what i was waiting for! I Love Skullgirls!

  4. Jay says:

    I Love Skullgirls!

  5. Rorshock says:

    *foams at the mouth* I need this game. The wait is killing me T_T

  6. Ozeazal says:

    Can’t wait for Skull Girls to come out.

  7. James Bishop says:

    I seen some parasol game play and I think she does need buffs. On the whole napalm tears I think that the air napalms should still explode. But I think the ones that hit the ground should make a puddle not to just light up but if the opponent walks over it before it explodes or you light it on fire they will slip and fall. I don’t know I have not played her so I still don’t if the reason she does not pop up as the Johnny character but hey get some Johnny players on this shit they will judge what she needs. Hope this helps.

  8. ROB says:

    This game is going to rock!^^

  9. BlueNoiseZZ says:

    I like how in the first video, the guy playing as Peacock kept running away letting his assist do all the work. I was expecting something like that, lol. But i cannot wait for the game regardless. Im SO ready!

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