Introducing: Friday Night Fights!Aug 27, 2011


You hungered.

Starving for more Skullgirls video, you scoured the internet, foraging for whatever tidbits you could find.

But it wasn’t enough. Rewatching old clips just weren’t doing it any more. Craven urges flooded your mind, tainting every thought.

“No, no… that would be crazy…! But what if…? Oh yes, oh yes – that will work!” you think to yourself as you pocket your car keys and reach for your trusty axe.


Look, none of that is necessary, OK? Seriously.

We heard you, so we’ve cooked up another alliteration-heavy weekly feature: Friday Night Fights.


Every Friday evening we’ll upload a new match video taken from the latest build to quiet the voices in your head and let you follow the game’s progress more closely than ever before!




10 Responses to “Introducing: Friday Night Fights!”

  1. John egbert says:

    ilu reverge labs

  2. Allen G says:

    Looks amazing and looks very smooth. The only thing i would work on is the O.K. sounds and effects…doesn’t really feel like i am seeing someone get O.K.ed in a match…There was even a point when i was like “what, someone got O.K.ed?”

    Other than that the game is looking very very impressive.

  3. PyroquinFran says:

    Those first few sentences mostly sums up my online activity for the past couple weeks, but instead of having
    a sketchy plan with an axe I was making sackgirl costumes of the characters (primarily Peacock at this time in LBP.
    Anyway that was a great clip.

  4. TaxExemption says:

    Thank you so much for this new segment! You truly know what the fans want! Btw, which one is Mike and which is Grinta?

  5. Pants says:

    Friday Fight nights AND fan art friday? I feel spoiled <3

  6. James Bishop says:

    I like what you did with parasol turning back the wheel to the first version of the napalm tears and also giving her a type of wall bounce with her kick. Looks solid can’t wait to see the rest of the cast XD.

  7. ROB says:

    Awesome! Game is looking so sharp so far, was hoping to hear Parasoul’s voice for the first time though but I can wait.

  8. ROB says:

    The video clip has been removed by the user…:(

  9. Peter says:

    Yeah, had to remove the old one and add ESRB stuff to it.

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