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GamerGaia has a new interview with Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont and Alex “Adam” Ahad.


GamerGaia: This game almost seems too interesting for the mainstream. Are you aiming for commercial success, or would you be content with a cult following?

Mike: “Too interesting?” Well, nobody really aims for commercial failure, so of course we’d like the game to sell well – I certainly wouldn’t refuse a dump truck full of money! Honestly though, I’ll be happy if the fans enjoy it, and I would be ecstatic to have it deemed worthy of inclusion in Evolution or SBO… as long as I can keep working on it and still pay my rent.


You can read the full interview here!

5 Responses to “New Interview @ GamerGaia”

  1. Teenybeans says:

    The interview was a fantastic read and the questions were thoughtful and fun. SkullGirls seems like it’ll be an exciting title!

  2. A Bad Idea says:

    This is actually the first interview I’ve seen that was deeply interested in the story and lore of Skullgirls. I’d love to see Alex’s renditions of the main cast as corrupted Skullgirls. Maybe there can be a Challenge or Survival Mode where players can face off against ‘SG Mode’ version of each character, where they have all been super-buffed by the Skull Heart =D

  3. Sairus says:

    Good stuff. That was actually a very interesting interview, particularly the attention to the Skullgirls universe and the part about male additions to the cast.

  4. JohnEgbert says:

    Some information on the story was pretty interesting, but the other news is pretty old.

    When are we going to get another character reveal?

  5. ROB says:

    Good interview, the plot of this game is one of the major reasons I’am looking forward to it.

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