NOT 8-BIT ENOUGHAug 11, 2011


Some people? They’re pretty 8-bit. Others, however are…


Unfortunately, last week three of the excellent artists at Reverge Labs fell into the latter category.

Despite not making the cut, their submissions are still pretty rad!



Alex Ahad

"Samus" by Alex Ahad



"Yellow Demon" by Alex Ahad



Mariel Cartwright

"Pocky and Rocky" by Mariel Cartwright



Jonathan Kim

"Quartet" by Jonathan Kim



"Shin Megami Tensei 1" by Jonathan Kim



8 Responses to “NOT 8-BIT ENOUGH”

  1. Sprite37 says:

    You say pretty rad, I say damn awesome.

  2. Vito says:

    I went to this, and it seems 90% of it was Mario, Zelda or Megaman. Not the best curator to be honest.

  3. MChibi says:

    Yeah I saw these on mechafetus.

    Fucking <3 <3 for Pocky and Rocky, seriously.


  4. Josef Axner (@josefaxner) says:

    I love that Metroid picture so much.

  5. ROB says:

    I like the one by Mariel Cartwright.

  6. Neherazade says:

    Yeah, boi… I see dat touhou.

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