Toukotsu Bijou Whiteboard Wednesday!Aug 10, 2011


It’s time for more whiteboard art, courtesy of Reverge Labs’ awesome art staff.


We’ve got quite an assortment of art this week, including the gender-bent Skullboys, as well as some bonus paintchat art.


Just a heads-up… I’ll be in Germany for Gamescom next week, so there likely won’t be a Whiteboard Wednesday.




The One With A C


Octopirate Girl



Bonesaw Babe



Gender-bent Skullgirls Characters...



Another Gender-bent Character...



Skullgirls 2 Motion Comic Concept



Various and Sundry









15 Responses to “Toukotsu Bijou Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. MChibi says:

    omg this is pretty crazy, I was about to suggest you folks do ‘skullboys’ this week, but you went and did it anyway. Parasoul with a package is a bit unnerving though, haha.

    Thanks for the delicious Cerebeunny Ravid!


    • Peter says:

      I think we’ve done a pretty good job at anticipating everyone’s needs on all fronts, including whiteboard art!

  2. Alex ro says:

    dude its called Skull girls only girls should be on this game

  3. TheGrimHeaper says:

    Oh snap, is that Momohime I see?

  4. Tyson says:

    Oh man, White Rabbit Cerebella needs to be a thing

  5. 00000000 says:

    <33333333333 CereBella!

  6. Alphonso Orozco says:

    I approve of Cerebeunny!

  7. DaRabidDuckie says:

    *sees Valentine art*

    *dies of happiness*

  8. Frank S. Casillas says:

    Wow! Awesome art today!

    Best Whiteboard Wednesday yet!

  9. Zidiane says:

    If you guys can do DLC costumes, the Cerebunny needs to be first on your list.

    • Peter says:

      You can’t really do “costumes” on a 2D game without completely reanimating the character, so I don’t think that likely to happen, as awesome as it could be.

  10. Masodx says:

    nice Catherine art work

  11. ROB says:

    Filia as Momohime? Do like!^^

  12. Octopirate GirlShe kind of reminds me of B. Jenet from KOF. You should draw her!

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