Fan Art Friday!Sep 9, 2011


Another week, another Friday Night Fight, and… another batch of awesome fan art!

For the first time, we’re honoring one of our fan artists with a second selection for Fan Art Friday! So far we’ve strived to select each artist only once, but since he made the first fan art following the announcement of Ms. Fortune’s new design, we had to select him.


Remember, you can always submit your own fan art to us directly by sending it to


Have a great weekend!



This portrait of Filia by Pixiv’s Nama is positively adorable!



The color and shading on this Cerebella fan art by KoiDrake are really nice.



We really liked this elegant painting of Parasoul by Life-take.



For the first time, a fan artist is getting a second contribution up on Fan Art Friday!

Fukai Ryosuke really outdid himself with the quality of this Ms. Fortune fan art, but also the speed.

It was done within hours of her announcement!



11 Responses to “Fan Art Friday!”

  1. Kynelius says:

    Regarding the Ms. Fortune piece. Wasn’t Ms. Fortune leaked(as well as her costume change) well before her official announcement? I doubt a picture of that quality could be done in just a couple hours

  2. Umbrella's Parasoul says:

    WOW! That Ms. Fortune is amazing <3333. More hype for her upcoming gameplay!

  3. Vinal says:

    10 out of 10 for all of them!

  4. Dark days217 says:

    filias ass is gdlk

  5. Arigatou says:

    Wow. If the fanart is this good, then i can’t imagine it with the full release! Keep up the good work aspiring artists :)

  6. Frank S. Casillas says:

    That Ms.Fortune is amazing and that Filia looks very nicely done.

  7. plugin boy says:

    i like the details on the parasoul 1 very vivid

  8. ds1 says:

    Ms Fortune one is awesome! I also like the more anime take on Filia.

  9. ROB says:

    All these fan arts are amazing! But the Filia one and Ms Fortune one are my favorties here!^^

  10. jackelbeaver says:

    Only one per artist? I’m gonna have to be careful when I actually pick one to submit! :-( )

  11. Poongko says:

    Love the Filia by Nama. Delicious child-bearing hips.

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