Milestone Madness Whiteboard Wednesday!Sep 14, 2011


Everyone’s busy working on our latest development milestone, so today the whiteboard was a little… bare.

…So we’re compensating with a bit of art from the Paintchat archives!










Parasoul, Filia and Ms. Fortune


Parasoul Relaxing



Old-school 'Toongirls



Cerebella V-Tec



Opa-opa Girl...



Mystara Thief



Filia, Cerebella and Numbers



Pineapple and George





9 Responses to “Milestone Madness Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. Vinyl says:

    hmm i wonder what that milestone is…

  2. MasterChibi says:

    Is that a grenade-girl walking around with the little bomb in the last one? That’s so adorable.

  3. Frank S. Casillas says:

    Looks like Parasoul is undressing.

  4. ROB says:

    Hey Mike and Alex, I don’t know if you have done this already, maybe I missed it if you have, but next time can you draw Shantae, Risky Boots and Rottytops from Wayforward’s Shantae series? I would appreciate it very much, thank you.^^

  5. muge says:

    Is that a pineapple-chan

  6. nobody says:


  7. Anon says:

    Make a PC release a milestone and get even busier please! =)

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