Mushy Taters Whiteboard Wednesday!Sep 7, 2011


…Is it over?


Yeah? OK – cool.


With the Skullgirls stream over on Level|Up’s Wednesday Night Fights, we’re ready to post this week’s whiteboard art!


We’ve got our usual randomness, not to mention the insanity that comes with a visit from… Jacky.



Painwheel Montage


Ms. Fortune: Off Model



Ms. Fortune: On Model






Goku and Personamans



Jacky's Drawings



Pikachu, PSO2, etc.








9 Responses to “Mushy Taters Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. muge says:

    Correct proportions: the whiteboard.
    Haha, good job as always!

  2. Frank S. Casillas says:

    First off-model Fortune actually looked pretty good.

  3. Diggity Doogles says:

    I tell you, I was a little wary at first about this whole Miss Fortune redesign, having been following the whole SkullGirls project to varying degrees over the last 3-4 years (Damn has it been that long?)
    But I have to say it’s growing on me a little.

  4. Yoshara says:

    Nice PSO2 character creator reference there.

  5. Ketchy Kech says:

    L-o-v-e the Painwheel. h=Heres to hoping she’ll be revealed next after Ms. Fortune!

  6. Cheerio_ says:

    That stream and the chat were HEEEELLA crazy

  7. ROB says:

    Loving the Painwheel design at the top, really good.

  8. Ryan Rodriguez says:

    Most of these are simply too ludicrous (though I’m sure that’s intentional) to really be memorable. However, the portrait of Painwheel up top is really well-done. Kudos to whoever did that.

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