Mysterious Mysteries Whiteboard Wednesday!Sep 28, 2011


Is Bigfoot real?


Pff, of course not.

But the Loch Ness monster is – Bigfoot is just a lie she created to throw cryptozoologists off her trail.


Some things are real, and others are fabrications.


So who keeps drawing these crazy characters on our whiteboard? And why?




Mysterious Someone


Ghost in the Skull: Stand Alone Haberdashery



What Is Vice-Versa Made Of?






Various and Sundry Doodles



Another Mystery



15 Responses to “Mysterious Mysteries Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. DaRabidDuckie says:

    *sees Valentine coming out of the body bag*

    Why must you guys tease me so, why? WHYYYYYYYYY??? *sniff*

  2. sandayu says:

    lol@Okarin on third pic,looks like Joshua Jackson to me :)

    I dont care about delays I can wait :D
    がんばれ Reverge!

  3. jackelbeaver says:

    >sure hope planewheel is next reveal

  4. Taura says:

    Valentine and Geordi, hell yes

  5. Anthony McKay says:

    Wow I didnt know you guys watched Steins;Gate. That show was awesome ^u^

  6. SaikyoJoe says:


    I mean, Fortuuuuuuuuuuuune!

  7. Ghost in the Skull: Stand Alone HaberdasheryI want this as a wallpaper

  8. Ghost in the Skull: Stand Alone HaberdasheryI want this as a wallpaper

  9. Pants says:

    Valentine <33
    And Bloody Marie? Idk if that name was just a rumor.

  10. Dan says:

    Man, you guys really need to clean up that whiteboard…

  11. James Bishop says:

    next reveal should be valentine or another one of the 8 original characters like squiggly I want my squiggly plz

  12. A Bad Idea says:

    Hey, hey mi~ister! I am MAD SCIENTIST! It’s so COOOOL! Sunuvabi~itch!

  13. Proco says:

    Marie’s not gonna be a playable character, is she?

  14. TaxExemption says:

    Thanks for answering my Vice Versa question!

  15. ROB says:

    I’am starting to like Valentine, I seen her around before but I didn’t know until two days ago that she would be a boss character(I think, or was it DLC?) in the game. She seems to be a cool nurse themed kunoichi(or maybe its other way around?). Looking forward to see her in action.

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