Fan Art Friday: Official Halloween Monday Edition!Oct 31, 2011


Halloween has always been a good fit with Skullgirls‘ macabre characters and “dark deco” aesthetic, so we decided we’d do something a little special with Fan Art Friday for Halloween. And more special than just delaying it until Monday.


We asked our awesome clean-up artists to submit Halloween-inspired “official” fan art, and we got a lot of takers!


As always, you can submit your own fan art to!



Official Halloween Fan Art

The Painwheel jack o’ lantern is sure to become a Halloween classic, thanks to Severin.




Official Halloween Fan Art

 I don’t know why Chris decided to dress all our characters up as Princess Bride characters, but I can’t argue with the results!



Official Halloween Fan Art

Ms. Fortune dresses up as an entirely different Catgirl in this great piece by Dustin.



Official Halloween Fan Art

Laura thought it’d be funny if Cerebella and Vice-Versa dressed up as each other, and we agree.



Official Halloween Fan Art

Ms. Fortune trick-or-treats as Filia in this awesome piece by Eric.



Official Halloween Fan Art

Peacocks kindly asks you for candy in this stylish piece by Brett.



Official Halloween Fan Art

Ricky went with a scarier angle, and this chilling piece depicts Filia and Samson’s initial merging.



Official Halloween Fan Art

Juliene also went with the trick-or-treat angle with Peacock, but ran with her Throw attack instead.



Official Halloween Fan Art

Cerebella and Vice-Versa get it on like Donkey Kong in this great piece by Cory.



8 Responses to “Fan Art Friday: Official Halloween Monday Edition!”

  1. ROB says:

    Ms. Fortune as Filia=Win.^^
    All of these Halloween arts are super.^^

  2. Draug says:

    Those are really amazing. I’m digging Ms Fortune dressing as Filia and Peacock’s first trick-or-treat picture (though the second one is adorable in its own way… let’s hope that’s not her level 3 super).

  3. Raymond says:

    Someone should Dress as Peacock for holloween.

  4. TaxExemption says:

    Princess Bride and Skullgirls? IN ONE PICTURE!? The greatness is too much to handle!

  5. ROB says:

    “Cerebella and Vice-Versa get it on like Donkey Kong”.
    That fan art is win.^^

  6. Dudely says:

    I love the piece with Peacock “politely” asking for candy. Best. Peacock. Fan. Art. EVAH!!!

  7. Koggeh says:

    Love the “polite” Peacock picture, though we can all say she is only 13 let her do some trick & treating.

  8. Kamil says:

    The costumes for them could be, as most fighting games, dlc alt. Costumes

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