Metacritic Damaging Whiteboard Wednesday!Oct 26, 2011


Sometimes Whiteboard Wednesday is awesome. Really awesome. Genre-definingly awesome.


…And sometimes we’re a victim of our own success – it’s hard to be amazing every week. We do our best, and we hope it’s good enough for you, but sometimes we might not live up to your high standards.


So, really, it’s a good thing that Metacritic doesn’t review these, because a single review could send our average careening into the abyss. Metacritic is serious business – the food would be slapped from our hands and our livelihoods shattered, while our families would be branded as failures for generations to come.





Skullventure Time!


Ms. Fortune






Pikachu and Rabite






Various Doodles



We Should Really Stop This



18 Responses to “Metacritic Damaging Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. TheAmericanDream says:

    Peter…what have you done…

    The only thing better then this fat Ms. Fortune would be a fat girl as DLC in SkullGirls

  2. MasterChibi says:

    Is that a blushing Valentine?

  3. Mew says:

    Nooo don’t do it! But some sort of Big tits DLC would be worth like 10$ to me :3

  4. DebuLover says:

    You guys just seem to love drawing at least 1 of those girls fat, don’t you? That is quite something! I have never heard of character designers doing that before. You guys are officially the best American Character designers ever!

    You should do that as a tradition (drawing one girl fat on Whiteboard Wednesday)!

  5. ROB says:

    Valentine blushing is so cute.

  6. Shin ATproof says:

    Can I has more tsundere Valentine?

  7. maro says:

    let’s see that pallette, hm?

  8. IceBug says:

    No Painwheel! Don’t eat Umbrella, lest Parasoul strike you down with the rage of 1000 Ergets and cut the roster down to 6 at launch!!!

  9. Snow Parrots says:

    Metacritic is scary buisness. I’m not even rated for anything on there, but still the images of “8/10″ flash in my dreams, nigh, nightmares, and I wake up screaming in a cold sweat.
    Why Eurogamer, why?
    …on a different note, I’ve loved any Valentine art that has shown up on the whiteboard so far.

  10. Dao says:

    Is that a simpsons line at the end? “oh crap i shouldn’t have told them it was illegal,….ahhh its too hot”

  11. Kyle Neely says:

    Yesss… yesss. More Squiggly is required.

  12. TaxExemption says:

    haha Skull Time is too grand and idea!

  13. Raymond says:

    Lol pika taser….

  14. Anonymous says:

    “We can make this pallette, you know”
    Ms. Fortune with glasses looks really good for some reason.

  15. LK says:

    is dat sum Metal Gear I see? I like this.

  16. Varq says:

    I just realized that “Skull Time” was a reference to “Adventure Time” and I’ve looked at this at least 5 times…

  17. FRANK WEST says:

    Love that Fat Ms.Fortune!
    Keep up this meme dudes its freakin awesome and pretty original.

  18. Paprkutt says:

    “We can make this pallette, you know”

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