Not-Safe-For-Plane Whiteboard Wednesday!Oct 12, 2011


Today’s Whiteboard Wednesday is coming to you from Virgin America Flight #406 to New York.

…OK, it actually is Safe-For-Plane – I haven’t gotten a single dirty look yet.
I’m en route to New York Comic Con – we’ll be showing Skullgirls all four days in booth #239, so be sure to stop by and give the game a go!

Also, in honor of me posting this while in an airplane, we’re delighted to announce our new flying “aerial dominance” character exclusively on! Check her out!





Ms. Fortune Spirited Away


Get On This, Cospa



Blood is Bad, OK?



Various Uses



...What if Garfield Was an Anime?



Various Doodles and Data Cloud



Parasoul Remix - Ryu!



Yaranai ka?



19 Responses to “Not-Safe-For-Plane Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. Jote says:

    The two first pictures : Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi!

  2. VickyBit says:

    Oh my god, the evolution of the “this taste…” drawing

    That’s just beautiful

  3. evilben says:

    datacloud.. boooooo…

  4. Cheesus says:

    I would buy the Ms Fortune plush head SO hard!

  5. Jet Set Dizzy says:

    Lol at the slimestack and puyo.

  6. I like the Ken and Data Cloud. :)

  7. TKShadow says:

    I now want to see Skullgirls characters doing Jojofabulous poses.

  8. Pants says:

    Hahaha the “moi moi mooooi moi” sounds kept playing in my head while looking at these drawings

  9. Diggity Doogles says:

    The plush M. Fortune head needs to happen.

  10. FellaDudeMan says:

    I also support the plush Fortune head idea. It should have a little neck pocket too, so you could put it on to broom sticks and stuff, or stick your hand in it like a puppet!

  11. NAN says:

    Please tell me someone drew Parasoul as Kakyoin.

  12. ROB says:

    The taste thing again? o_0 Its getting a bit creppy.
    Anyway, Painwheel sounds awesome, looking forward to seeing her in action.

  13. Fychan says:

    Oooow, and here I thought I’d get lots of moneys from my totally original idea for a Ms Fortune head plushie!!

    This week’s FUND IT!!: Ms Fortune head plushie and Ms Fortune puyo puyo

  14. rRrr says:

    Puyo Fortune puyo puyo XD

  15. Mr. X says:

    Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine Reference <3

  16. Ms. Fortune Spirited Awayare those the spirited away head? lol

  17. Ms. Fortune Spirited Awayare those the spirited away head? lol

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