Power of Chemistry Whiteboard Wednesday!Oct 5, 2011


We’re heading into the final stretch, and everyone’s hard at work.


Naturally, with everyone busy making art for the game, there hasn’t as much time for recreational art. We’ve still got a healthy dose of randomness for you to sup upon, though.












Mansoul Returns!



Filia and Sorceress



Royal Procession



JoJo's Bizarre Art Edit



22 Responses to “Power of Chemistry Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. so cool great inspiration to make speed sketch !! i ll make cool art toys with that !!

  2. 00000000 says:

    You can do anything at ZOMBOCOM.

  3. Kavi says:

    My favorite Skullgirl is now this Taowho lady.

  4. Stephen says:

    “The taste of a baller?” Is that a reference to the Cornballer from Arrested Development?

  5. ROB says:

    “I kill you!!” XD.^^

    Still hoping for Shantae, Risky Boots and Rottytops from Wayforward’s Shantae series next time;)

    Also, it would be sweet if you could also draw Iroha from SNK’s Samurai Shodown series next time, please?

  6. VickyBit says:

    Ahahaha oh gods, those ORIGINAL CHARACTERS are great

  7. Taura says:

    so much jojo

  8. Jkun says:

    Draw Zun sober = Original Character do not steal.

  9. Kokonaught says:

    Oh my god! The Vanilla Ice Valentine is priceless!

  10. Jet Set Dizzy says:

    Yare yare daze

  11. TaxExemption says:

    I see a new meme coming, Valentine cutting her way out of stuff.

  12. evilben says:

    GioGio! (Blono Bucellati is better! ‘Arrivederci!’)

  13. Zeta says:

    So, does this mean we’ll get a star platinum color somewhere in this? also, if you are gonna do a Cirno peacock, why not just go all the way and do flandre? after all, she has the spiky wing arms for it.

  14. Pants says:

    draw Platinum the trinity please :D DD

    Also, why is it that Sampson speaks but Vise-Versa doesnt?

    • TaxExemption says:

      Samson is a sentient being while Vice Versa isnt. Basically Samson has a brain while Vice Versa is a weapon used by Cerebella

  15. nobody says:


  16. hanyaan says:

    I’m concerned that this doesn’t seem to have nearly enough JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure references.

  17. Laura says:

    This is…everything I have ever loved…<3

  18. Ryan Rodriguez says:

    Somehow, that second character down is so… endearing. Ironic, given the death threat.

  19. Dfftcop says:

    Wow… I’m getting this game now just because of the Jojo references here.

    (please make a Jojo fighting game at some point ;_;)

  20. Ozimul says:


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