Fan Art Friday!Nov 4, 2011


…Two Fridays in a week?

Man, do we ever spoil you guys.


Having spent the first Friday of the week with our western hemisphere contractors’ “official” fan art, we’ll spend the second Friday of the week with some of our fans across the Pacific. All of today’s excellent pieces come from Pixiv.


As always, you can submit your own fan art to!



Filia by Juuentei

Juuentei’s portrait of Filia really stood out.




Ms. Fortune by Ichi

Ms. Fortune looks positively malevolent in this great picture by Ichi.



Parasoul by Kometsubu

This stylish piece by Kometsubu features Parasoul’s bespectacled 2P color.



Painwheel by Utrymme

Painwheel alights in this great piece by Utrymme.



2 Responses to “Fan Art Friday!”

  1. Fychan says:

    That Ms. Fortune is just… Whoah.
    The coloring style used on that Parasoul was fantastic, too!

  2. ROB says:

    The Parasoul one is wonderful, love it.^^

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