Narrative Paradox Whiteboard Wednesday!Nov 10, 2011


We’ve all been really busy lately, hence the whiteboard-less week.┬áIt was also a good excuse to let… certain memes… die down.


To make up for it, we’ve got a slightly longer-than-usual slate of whiteboard art for you, guaranteed to be forum-safe and meme-free.


…But perhaps there are other discussion-worthy things on display here?





Phoenix Wright and Valensoul








I Never Asked For This



Splash Woman and Pumpwheel



Gears of Skull



Something II



The Other End of the Spectrum



Cancerous Goo Spire



27 Responses to “Narrative Paradox Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. Ausdrake says:

    “The other end of the spectrum”.

    Just as creepy as the original thing but for entirely different reasons!

    Valensoul is too sexy btw.

  2. Bahi JD says:

    That random crazy dinosaur-body-dude, firin’ his LazaaaAAAA XD
    That’s awesome!!
    Is he like Nappa with hair, as a Dinosaur?! XD
    dope shit!

  3. Ryan Rodriguez says:

    Wow. You guys really went all out this time.

    But, what do you mean “certain memes”? Wouldn’t SG-related internet phenoms help bring awareness and possible support to the game?

  4. James Bishop says:

    So much Phoenix Wright my head just exploded.

  5. Shoji says:

    Is that Ryusuke Hamamoto in the third from last drawing?

  6. ROB says:

    *sees top pic*
    Parasoul + Valentine= Valensoul! Love it!^^
    And yay for Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth!^^

  7. Taura says:

    I think this is the first time we’ve seen double on Whiteboard Wednesday, interesting

  8. FRANK WEST says:

    No fat chicks? Bummer. You guys need to embrace the meme.
    It’s not going away :P

  9. MasterChibi says:

    Ooh you guys iz crafty~

  10. o.bese says:

    reverge is sizeist!

  11. DebuLover says:

    *Sees all the Phoenix Wright drawings*

    Did somebody come across the Phoenix Wright Japanese Live action trailer by any chance? >=3

    If you haven’t:

  12. Al says:

    So, what, are we to take this as you’re ashamed, disgusted or annoyed by the people who liked the fat pics? Wow, good to know you guys don’t actually have appreciation for larger girls. ._.

  13. RunningWild says:

    Where’s the fat chicks? White Board, I am disappoint.

  14. Severin says:

    Hahaha, someone else took a “stab” at a Pumpkinwheel! I had to throw the real one out a while ago, she was just too ripe.

  15. NAN says:

    Is that Pre-Peacock or lil’ Filia?

  16. Ryan Rodriguez says:

    Hey, I didn’t notice this before, but Filia in the top pic is adorable!

    As for that “Cancerous Goo” down at the bottom, it/she looks very cool… and believe it or not, somewhat alluring as well.

    I also think the little girl third from the bottom is… heart-melting. I understand if I don’t get a direct answer, but does she have anything to do with Skullgirls? Or is she just a doodle to soften our souls?

  17. Dolphin King says:

    Damn, the more I look at the freaky shapeless thing with the mouth, the more I think of Evangelion…..*shivers*….so many creepy fleshy things…

  18. Tiana says:

    Ohh, is that Ryusuke Hanamoto’s character I see?!

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