Fan Art Friday!Jan 27, 2012


We’ve got another batch of fantastic Skullgirls fan art for you today, culled from the depths of DeviantArt.


Be sure to drop by their pages, leave a comment and check out the rest of their work!


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Hibari-chan16 drew this great picture of Filia, and I love her icon hidden in the moon.




Peacock may look soft and cuddly in this painting by MutatedCamel, but she’s chock-full of high-explosives!



Painwheel fights Brain Drain’s malevolent influence in this awesome portrait by Hellknight10.



Valentine poses lasciviously in this excellent portrait by BBadruddin.




5 Responses to “Fan Art Friday!”

  1. Proxy says:

    That Valentine picture looks EPIC

  2. Monkey D Super says:

    I love the Filia one, she looks really pissed off.^^

    The Valentine one is indeed epic. ;)

  3. Role says:

    Heh, I can’t get enough of that comical look of Peacock. I love it. ^-^

  4. Meower says:

    Dat lighting on Valentine
    It’s amazing what people can do with a tablet and a couple of drawing programs

  5. Ryan Rodriguez says:

    Oh, Valentine… you torment me.

    All the pictures are great here; my compliments to the artists.

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