Nothing Special Whiteboard WednesdayJan 25, 2012


Ignore the title: it is the rare intersection of wordplay and the subtle trolling of my favorite flock of forum-goers.


In reality, tonight’s Whiteboard Wednesday is no less special than the usual installments. On balance, it’s probably no more special, either.


They are all unique and special snowflakes, crystalized for your viewing pleasure and precipitated upon your peepers.






Guilty Gears of War








Peacock Parody VII



Aegis Explosion


17 Responses to “Nothing Special Whiteboard Wednesday”

  1. TJ says:

    The Legion of Aigis… it just keeps growing…

    Wonder if they each have a self-destruct function, like Tom Servo?

  2. T3ACHR33 says:

    Ileum is 8th character calling it.

  3. ROB says:

    The one under the “Guilty Gears of War” pic, is that Double? Is that her new design?

  4. LK says:

    @ROB: That’s Ileum, a different character. She’s one of the background characters in the ASG Lab stage, she’s the one off to the right hanging out with all the little mutant kids.

  5. Monkey D Super says:

    Guilty Gears of War XD

    Is that robot girl one of Alex’s creations? If so then I hope she will be future DLC for SkullGirls.

  6. Reynard says:

    Who’s the robot girl at the very bottom? Remembered seeing her on your old doodles.

    Is she gonna be playable? SG is lacking something futuristic :D

  7. Meower says:

    I cried so many manly tears when Andyrith died of rust and sword to the chest ;__;

  8. Meower says:

    BTW, is there some sort of official forum for Reverge Labs or Skullgirls available yet? :O

  9. Nick says:

    I love you guy’s crossovers!

  10. Proxy says:

    Who is that in the bottom right hand corner for the first picture

    she looks awesome

  11. FittyYen says:

    the PW field pick makes me hope there’s an EVA palette for Painwheel

  12. TyeTheCzar says:

    Needs more Katawa Shoujo.
    Cole Misha all aboard on the WAHAHA Train, BAYBEE!

  13. Ryan Rodriguez says:

    Hey, you know what I just realized? That sword will probably not stand up to that anvil too well…

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