Triumphant Return Whiteboard Wednesday!Jan 18, 2012


Wow, it’s been a while…


With the holidays out of the way and the game wrapping up, at long last our regular fan content resumes!


Our wacky whiteboard is once against capturing our errant impulses and especially noxious brainfarts, and we’ll be broadcasting them every Wednesday!






Robo Proliferation


Sol Mathguy



What Kind Of Mage Is Ben!?



Peacock by Nicc

 Friend of the studio and clean-up artist Nicc stopped by, and left this little gem on our wall.



Kitty and Mewps by Jamie

 Jamie, Nicc’s girlfriend, drew this on the whiteboard for us, too!


11 Responses to “Triumphant Return Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. MESeele says:

    Yeah!!! Aigis! I like the white mage too.

  2. ROB says:

    Yiipeee! Whiteboard Wednesday is back! No Shantae characters though. *sniff*

  3. i2Chep says:

    Welcome back guys!

  4. Jamie says:

    Kitteeeehhhhhhhhhhhh!! ^.^ ^.^ ^.^ ^.^

  5. kenny says:

    So is sol teaching how to do a clean hit.

  6. Sol MathguyIs he teaching how to do a clean hit

  7. Sol MathguyIs he teaching how to do a clean hit

  8. Meower says:


    Oh goddammit they’re the fluffiest doodles of cats in the world

  9. Proxy says:

    Love the Last one . . . T.T
    its awesome

  10. T3ACHR33 says:

    How did you get my portrait? And am i a White or Black mage?

  11. Ausdrake says:

    Sol Mathguy… too awesome!

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