Fan Art Friday!Feb 10, 2012


Oof, busy day! So many new videos!


Last week, I asked for fan art of some of the new characters and things that showed up in last week’s Story Mode Trailer, and some kind souls delivered!


I’m still looking for more custom characters made in Soul Calibur V‘s character creator – if you have the game, keep unlocking, creating and sending!


And, remember, you can always submit your own fan art to!



Sleepytime Peacock by Yojio

The always-amazing Yojio drew this fantastic picture of Sleepytime Peacock within a day of the Story Mode Trailer landing.




Apparently Minette caught the eye of LinearLightning!



Wyvernsmasher seems to have taken a liking to Panzerfaust, A.K.A. “Tank Fist Guy.”



The coloring on this portrait of Parasoul’s little sister, Umbrella, is awesome. Thanks, Dummy04!



15 Responses to “Fan Art Friday!”

  1. DaRabidDuckie says:

    Lunch! XD

  2. Raymond says:

    That first one is WAY to adorable.

  3. LordTerminal says:

    Nice to see LinearLightning get featured on this.

  4. A.K. says:

    Finally I made my mark on here!x3

  5. Monkey D Super says:

    Yojio deserves a prize seriously.^^

  6. Pterodactyl says:

    More Panzerfaust is always great, now he has a new move you guys can consider.

    You better have him as DLC somewhere down the line or i’ll hate you forever, Reverge.

  7. evilben says:

    it totally looks like panzerfaust just blew off his own elbow…

  8. Ryan Rodriguez says:

    Here’s hoping Minette idolizes Ms. Fortune, instead of being… the other thing that I was worried she might be, when I saw that pic in the story trailer.

  9. Ryan Rodriguez says:

    That said, though, I’m guessing she’ll be working at Yu-Wan’s Restaurant, who in turn is (I’m guessing) that very large Dagonian speaking with Nadia in the story trailer.

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