Fan Art Friday!Feb 17, 2012


Another momentous week in Skullgirls history comes to an end!


In case you missed it, we revealed the newest character, Double! She’s got full walkthrough videos up on GameTrailers, too!

And… this is the last call for Skullgirls characters made in Soul Calibur V‘s character creator – if you have the game, make something and send it our way!


You can always submit your own fan art to!



Double Fan Art by Riftka

Well… that was fast. Thanks a ton, Riftka!




Filia Fan Art by MK

This portrait of Filia by MK is really nice!



Valentine Fan Art by Yukataro

Yukataro returns with this excellent picture of everybody’s favorite ninja nurse, Valentine.



Skullgirls Fan Art by Zairu

A great piece by returning artist Zairu. Be sure to click through and see the entire thing at full resolution!



23 Responses to “Fan Art Friday!”

  1. Eryc says:


  2. Masaki says:

    Can’t click on the last image.

  3. Customer says:

    That last pic doesn’t seem to link to a larger version. :(

    All of these are great though.

  4. Kit Ballard says:

    hahah the one with everyone’s really cute XD

  5. Monkey D Super says:

    About Double being the 8th character:

    Bummer, I never been a fan of mimic/amalgam characters in fighting games and Double was honestly the last SG character I could care less about, sorry. Still, congrats to everyone who wanted her(?).

    I guess this means Marie will be the game’s unplayable final boss and also one of the (hopefully) 3 first DLC characters (the other two being hopefully Squigly and Umbrella).

    On-topic: The fanarts here are great! The one with Valentine is my fav.

    • Monkey D Super says:

      I will admit however that it is awesome how Double’s level 3 has…oh I’m not gonna say anything, lets just say its awesome how those “3 things” are in the game already as part of her level 3.

  6. Gato says:

    You know what ? I’m disappointed.

    I mean, I sent you a fan art and I know it sucks but I didn’t made it to be the best fan art ever, I made it to be a sort of tribute to you and it’s even here !!!

    I didn’ expect you to be so snobbish… Right now I’m even wondering if I’ll buy your game now….

    • Gato says:

      “it’s *not* even here”

      • daskann says:

        Gato, they have said that theyre getting tons of fanart, but they dont post everything on every friday, or else they would run out, this isnt the last fanart friday

        yours will surely be posted sometime

      • LK says:

        Be patient. Sometimes they take a few weeks to decide on whether to put up a fanart ^^

    • Peter says:

      Sorry… but what?

      Nowhere do I say that sending a piece of fan art in will guarantee that it will be on here.

      There is a lot of fan art – why would I not select the best of them?

      • Gato says:

        Like I said, it’s pretty snobbish…

        How many guys you disapointed ? I don’t think anything good can come from a phoney like you. Hopefully, Mike Z and Ahad are the core of the game so it’s not going to suck, but knowing that a guy like you was working on the project, well it’ll ruin my mood while playing the game.

  7. Remnik says:

    @Gato: Stop acting like a stupid, spoiled child

    “Waaah! Waaah! they didnt upload my drawing immediatly after I send it! waaaaaaaah!”

    They may upload it, they may not. Future FFs will tell, but even then you shouldnt think that youll get special treatment just because you sent in your scribble.

  8. Gato says:

    If acting legitimately is acting like a spoiled child, then yes, I’m a brat.

    I just want recognition, even a little sentence that thanks anyone who sent their fan arts would be fine, but, eh ! I don’t see anything like that on this site !

    They’re just ignoring every people who worked hard and didn’t get their drawings “published”.

    • ROB says:

      “If acting legitimately is acting like a spoiled child, then yes, I’m a brat.”

      Believe me pal, there is a HUGE difference between acting legitimately and acting like a spoiled child/brat. You are just acting like the latter and nothing more.

  9. Gato says:

    Then tell me why I’m a spoiled child ?

    Because I’m requesting someone on this website to thanks me and ALL the other people who sent there works ? (not necessarily by posting their fanarts)

    But, I know what you mean, defending a cause which is fair to defend is pretty childish, huh ?

    In fact, Mandela is a spoiled child, Martin Luther was a brat too… Damn, even Jesus was one !

    • ROB says:

      What risky below me just said, your work will show up in an future FAF when they have time, you are whining because it didn’t show up last friday when it could easily show up this friday or next friday.
      You clearly have very little patience or have none at all, thats why you are acting like a spoiled child.

    • JJrock says:

      I agree with ROB, you can’t have everything you want. i also agree that their should be a thanks given out to anyone that submitted fan-art, but just because they didn’t, that makes them snobbish? and then you go on to name other people in history as brats just because you were called a brat. Your have a good point, but you do sound like a whinning little crybaby who gets out of hand just because your feelings are hurt.

  10. risky says:

    @Gato: Seriously Gato, chill out. Who is saying they will not show your fanart on future FAFs?
    The fact that you are even considering not buying and support the game just cuz your work didn’t show up…well thats your loss really.

  11. Gato says:

    Ok, so how could I have knew that ?

    I mean, it is not explained anywhere, moreover, Peter said frankly that he is chosing the best fan arts so I don’t think mine would have been posted neither those who are “no good enough”, that’s why I said it’s pretty snobbish.

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