Final Countdown Whiteboard Wednesday!Feb 15, 2012



It’s the final countdown

We’re leaving together

The final countdown

We’ll all miss her so

It’s the final countdown

(The final countdown)

Ohh, it’s the final countdown







Who-guuu Is This?

 Brian’s friend from the UK, David, also drew this MYSTERIOUS CHARACTER…





Lego Filia



The Future of Gaming



Bible Bikini-chan



24 Responses to “Final Countdown Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. Mongoloid says:

    Oh hey, Bikini Bible-tan reppin Mecha Fetus.

  2. TJ says:

    Hah, hah! Fat-Mega-Man-Style Ms. Fortune.

    I can’t believe that Inafune was down with that travesty. Can’t believe it for a second.

    • Fychan says:

      You do know they did that exactly because Inafune couldn’t do a thing about it, right?

      • Customer says:

        No, Inafune collaborated for that particular version of Mega Man to show up in SFxT before he left; there was no “screw with Inafune’s creation” conspiracy going on.

        The problem was that he couldn’t foresee how Capcom would treat the Blue Bomber before the reveal, so what was meant to be a funny joke just came across as more backstabbing to Mega Man fans.

        But anyway, I do like the Fortune restyle.

  3. Tony Padilla says:

    So VERY VERY excited for the game!

  4. fffffffffffffff says:


  5. Kid Kuma says:

    It’s about time Bible Chan graced the whiteboard with her presence.

  6. Monkey D Super says:

    “Brian’s friend from the UK, David, also drew this MYSTERIOUS CHARACTER…”

    Is that…Squigly?

  7. GeekyAnon says:

    Kyubey, stay away from Peacock and Umbrella. Life in the Skullgirls universe is bad enough as it is.

  8. Jake Was Here says:

    TJ: Inafune, as far as I know, isn’t even with Capcom anymore, which is why they can get away with shit like this and calling off Legends 3.

  9. Role says:

    Guys, that’s a Sage from Dragon Quest. Shame on you for not realizing it.

    Also, love the Madoka drawing. I take it they got the blu rays in too? ^-^

    Lego Skullgirls… not sure what to think there.

  10. Draug says:

    Bad Box Art Mr Fortune? Lego Filia? *looks around* Why not? :P

  11. Meower says:


  12. Lycantendencies says:

    You guys have made Wednesday the most entertaining day of the week these past few months.

  13. charay says:

    Hey…q hace Madoka ahi?

  14. Fychan says:

    That Madoka is cute as hell <3 She seems afraid of realistic Peacock from the last WW.
    Also, I see another Leviathan in the Ms. Fortune picture. It looks cute, why won't you show it to us Ravi? :(

  15. Gato says:

    Anyone else think the game will be released this wednesday ?

    I mean “It’s the final countdown” ! And the PSS and the XBOX Live are updated on wednesday, aren’t they ?

  16. Andrew says:

    The final countdown?! Could it mean that the countdown to SkullGirls’ release date has begun?! I am UBER excited for this game! I can’t wait…though it seems I have to.

  17. TyeTheCzar says:

    How can a Kyubey get mad? Better yet, how can they show any emotion beyond a blank stare?

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