Verified Fixed Whiteboard Wednesday!Feb 22, 2012


Verified Fixed.

By Design.

Will Not Fix.

…These are the words that define us.






Bearing Samson's Children


Jonathan Kim, Pretty Prince



Lego Parasoul



This Is Your Ben On Crunch Time






15 Responses to “Verified Fixed Whiteboard Wednesday!”

  1. James Bishop says:

    I love Squiggly she looks so shy.

  2. dantemustdie00 says:

    Adorable Squigly.

    Hurry up and release the game, so ya’ll can hopefully get going on Squigly, Umbrella, Black Dahlia, Mrs. Victoria and other awesome female fighters from the mind of Alex!

  3. A.K. says:


    • Meower says:

      Were the Skullgirls forums to be made prior of her dlc release, every time someone mentions her it should be parsed into MYSTERIOUS CHARACTER

  4. Fychan says:

    Yay there’s the cute Leviathan! And an even cuter Squigly! Thanks Ravi X3

  5. Andrew says:

    I just watched the Skullgirls live stream on Wednesday Night Fights. I want this game so badly! It looks beautiful! I hope to see the Skullgirls game and avatars listed in the upcoming PlayStation Store updates.

    Skullgirls is a day one buy for sure! Thank you RevergeLabs, Autumn Games, and Konami!

    Once again, a Whiteboard Wednesday with some eye candy. Thanks everyone.

  6. Firekid2 says:

    1 g!!


  7. TaxExemption says:

    Is no one else concerned the name of the first picture is “Bearing Samson’s Children”?

  8. jaiwhite205 says:

    Dat squigly

  9. Monkey D Super says:

    The bottom one with Squiggly is so cute!^^

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