Fan Art Friday!Mar 10, 2012


While this week has been light on Skullgirls fan content, it’s been anything but light for the Reverge Labs crew. While a few of us hit the streets of San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference, a stalwart few slogged through the game’s final bugs.


And remember, we’re still collecting gender-flipped fan art of our characters! Draw your favorite Skullgirl as a dude, or your favorite Skullboy as a gal and send it our way!


You can always submit your own fan art to, and be sure to let me know how you’d like to be credited!



Skullgirls Fan Art by Keroko

This psychedelic, pop-art picture by Keroko is actively good, as well as interesting!




Skullgirls Fan Art by Maruha

Maruha returns with this excellent portrait of Valentine.



Skullgirls Fan Art by NPA

NPA drew this disturbing, detailed and excellent image of Double betwist both her forms.



Skullgirls Fan Art by Brian

Brian’s British friend David submitted this excellent painting of Ms. Fortune, caught in the act!



11 Responses to “Fan Art Friday!”

  1. Morgan says:

    Beautiful work, especially the picture by Keroko. The release is so close…. (x_x)

  2. LK says:

    OMG *0 * I totally love that last picture with Ms Fortune! Excellent Fanart Friday overall, definitely digging that last piece most for sure though.

  3. Kendall says:

    Awesome stuff.Do any of these artists have websites?

  4. Ryan Rodriguez says:

    All of these are amazing! I’m glad to see a picture alluding to Ms. Fortune’s story, though; not enough pics are story-based in my opinion.

    I must say, however, that first one kind of gives me a headache. Not because it’s bad, mind you; just… well, like you say, psychedelic.

  5. Monkey D Super says:

    All of these are great! The one with Keroko is very interesting.

  6. RuRi says:

    Oh man I really love that last one of Ms Fortune, the amount of detail is just awesome.

    Plus that Double drawing is really creepy, but I suppose that Double is just creepy all the time, it’d have to take alotta work just to make Double look…okay.

    I mean that in a good way though D:

  7. Patrick Pena says:

    damn that valentine portrait is NICE!!!

  8. Darqmyst says:

    Helllooooo nurse! :D Love the Valentine pic!

    and totally off topic… but since I don’t do the facebook thing I can only hope this comment reaches the right folks… saw the “PSN avatars” topic posted on the skullgirls facebook page. I was horrified to see no one mentioned:

    PARASOUL!!! & some BLACK EGRETS avatars!!!

    OK! now that I said that, I’ll head back to my hole & await launch day… Ciao! :)

  9. Andrew says:

    Nice artwork!

    Going through the game’s final bugs? So, Skullgirls should be available soon!? I can’t wait for Skullgirls; it’s my most anticipated game of 2012! Alongside the game’s release, I’d also like to buy some PSN avatars of the characters’ faces and/or full bodies.

    It’s been quiet on the RevergeLabs blog. The team must’ve been busier than usual.

  10. Fychan says:

    That Keroko illustration is just amazing. The ability to draw so many things together in such a creative way is something I envy!

    Also, I recommend everybody check NPA’s gallery – There’s plenty of other SG arts which are as fantastic as this one. Valentine’s my favorite, and his Peacock can beat Yojio’s in cuteness <3

  11. Monkey D Super says:

    So, just assuming its true, we can apperently expect SG release on April 4th.

    (see Overview part 2)

    Ravidrath already said on SKR that he can’t comment on this and he also said its possible the PSN release can come a day before the XBLA one.

    From what I have seen before, XBLA dates for downloadable games are usually reliable so it seems that SG will indeed come out April 4th. 1 more month to go!

    So much for a “early Q1 2012 release”. :P
    But hey! At least we have a release date now, better late then never. ;)

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